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A mainstay to this day in my dad’s golf bag is his golf ball retriever. Some of my earliest memories on the course with my pops are him walking with an iron in one hand and his golf ball retriever in the other.

He took and continues to take every opportunity available to not only find his golf ball but others that players have left to the elements.

I wish I had a count of the number of golf balls he has picked up over the years that would of otherwise stayed in the woods or creek all because he had his golf ball retriever ready to go.

In this article, we’ll talk about what a golf ball retriever is, what you need to know, some of the best ones available and why a golf ball retriever needs to be apart of your golf bag.


When you’re out on the golf course, the last thing you want to worry about is losing your ball. But unfortunately, it happens to even the best of us. That’s where having a good golf ball retriever comes in handy.

A golf ball retriever is a device that helps you retrieve your golf ball from difficult or hard-to-reach places.

If you’ve played golf for any amount of time, you know there have been instances when you can see your ball but can’t physically get to it.

Those type of situations are what a golf ball retriever is designed for and having one available is clutch.

So the next time your wife or significant other ask’s, “How many balls did you lose today?” you can say zero and be proud about it.

What You Need to Know

Ball Security

What’s the point in having a golf ball retriever if it keeps falling out when you pick it up?

Some of your more modest golf ball retrievers have a small basket on the end where you basically have to scoop the ball up in order to get it.

With these, a shaky hand or knock against something hard can cause the ball to come lose and you have to start all over again.

Now your higher end ones will incorporate a clasp that will hold the ball in place once you snag it causing you to spend less time and frustration trying to get your ball.


Golf ball retrievers for the most part all have telescoping shafts where you can adjust them to the distance in which you have to retrieve your ball.

Even those in the lower price realm will have good to decent stability up to a point but when you go out to distance (10-16 feet) is where these will start to waver. Plus, trying to scoop a ball at that distance can cause more anger than hitting it in the hazard.

Those that come in with a little bit of a higher price point will offer you more stability when you are trying to get those golf balls that are in the 10-16 foot realm and with the clasp design they have again will be easier to retrieve the ball.


Just like having a good set of grips on your golf clubs, you need to have one that’s equally as good on your golf ball retriever.

Most golf ball retrievers nowadays have similar grips that are comparable to what you’d find on a club and are made of rubber.

This allows you the user to have a firm grip on the retriever in all types of weather conditions.

Shaft Length

Yes, at least in the case of Golf Ball Retrievers, shaft length matters.

Golf ball retrievers with short shaft lengths are more inclined to offer more stability, however will limit you when it comes to the distance you can retrieve the golf ball.

Some of the longest golf ball retrievers can reach up to 18 feet and can help you to get those harder to reach golf balls.

However, once you get out to that distance it may become a little more difficult to get the ball.

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Best Golf Ball Retriever

Of course Callaway Golf makes a golf ball retriever and its a good one too.

Made out of high-quality aluminum and with an ergonomic handle, it is offered in two different sizes, 6 or 15 foot.

The smaller version will fit into most larger pockets on your golf bag for easy storage.

While the 15 footer will fit amongst your clubs and with the added head cover will appear as any other club in your bag.

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Quick and Easy Retrieval
  • Head Cover Included

ProActive Sports Player Select

ProActive Sports Player Select comes in at only 7 ounces and fits perfectly in the larger pockets of your golf bag.

Made out of durable fiberglass, this golf ball retriever extends to 9 feet giving you the reach needed to snag your ball.

It offers a high visibility head and a patented design to securely pick up and retain the golf ball.

ProActive Sports Player Select

  • Durable fiberglass material
  • High Visibility Head
  • Only 7 ounces

ProActive Sports Hinged Cup

Another retriever from ProActive Sports is there 12 foot hinged cup golf ball retriever.

Weighing less than a pound and is made of durable and lightweight aluminum.

The hinged cup securely traps the golf ball and locks it into place for easy retrieval.

The ergonomic rubber handle allows for a good grip and the easy to use design make this a solid choice.

ProActive Sports Hinged Cup

  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Hinged Cup
  • Less than a pound

Search ‘N Rescue MAX

The Search ‘N Rescue MAX is built with a telescoping stainless steel assembly.

It allows you to reach up to 18 feet in order to retrieve your ball and then collapses back down to a nice and compact 22 inches.

The patented head design is made out of durable Delrin plastic and comes in high visibility orange.

Search ‘N Rescue MAX

  • Reach up to 18 feet
  • Compact
  • Highly Visible Head

I Gotcha JAWZ Ultimate

The I Gotcha JAWZ Ultimate retriever is another one coming in with the 18 foot reach.

This golf ball retriever comes with a spring release ready head that snaps the ball into place when you push down on it, making for easy and secure retrievals.

The stainless steel telescoping shaft is durable and is compact enough to fit in your golf bag.

I Gotcha JAWZ Ultimate

  • Reach up to 18 feet
  • Spring Release Head
  • Durable

Search ‘N Rescue Retriever

This Search ‘N Rescue retriever comes in two different options for you to choose from. A 6.5 foot model and a 15 foot one.

The durable stainless steel rings lock the ball in place and make it easy to grab those hard to get golf balls.

The powder coated aluminum make this golf ball retriever weather resistant and a head covered is also included.

Search ‘N Rescue Retriever

  • Available in 6.5ft and 15ft
  • Weather Resistant
  • Head Cover

Golf Ball Retriever

Sometimes you can find just what you need on Amazon, as most of the time they have just what you are looking for.

This model is available in 4 different colors and gives you two length options, 6 and 9 foot.

Built out of lightweight stainless steel and a head locking design on the clip for ultimate ball security.

This golf ball retriever is durable and easy to use and hold thanks to it’s solid grip.

Golf Ball Retriever

  • Available in 6ft and 9ft
  • 4 Different colors
  • Durable

Do I Need One?

Golf ball retrievers get a bad rap sometimes and by having one in your bag, you may get a few jokes thrown your way.

But with everything else you tote along with you for a round of golf, why not have one?

Now, it might not help your golf score if you have to constant scoop your ball up from the hazard but at least your not out on a sleeve or two of your brand new golf balls.

Plus, a lot of golfers do not want to take the time to go down and get there lost ball or walk the extra 10ft into the wood line and get there ball. So there loss is your gain in this situation. It gives you some practice balls to hit at the house.


Just like wearing a straw golf hat, having a golf ball retriever apart of your golf equipment isn’t for everybody but it can help out in the event you decide to keep one with you.

I honestly wouldn’t know what to think if I played a round with my dad and he wasn’t carrying along his golf ball retriever at least on a couple holes throughout the day.

For some golfers, it is a staple of there golf bag and aside from your pro’s and low handicappers, one should be apart of yours too.

Let us know what you think and leave us a review.

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