Best Golf Balls For Beginners

So you’ve got your bag set and you’re almost ready to head to the course when you realize you’re missing a key piece of equipment… balls.  

You may be asking yourself, what is the best golf balls for beginners out there for me to use? 

Do I need top of the line like the pro’s use or should I take the advice of the course regular on what he uses?

Just like the clubs in your bag, choosing the right golf ball is all going to depend on what is best for you.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best options out there when it comes to choosing the best golf ball..

Best Golf Balls for New Golfers

Callaway Supersoft 

One of the best options on the market for anyone starting out is the Callaway Supersoft.

These are made with Callaway’s HyperElastic SoftFast Core and will give you accelerated ball speed off the club.

While the soft fell will give you more control when you’re hitting darts at the flag.

There’s a reason these golf balls are consistently a best seller on Amazon.

Plus, for those that like options the Supersoft’s come in an array of bright colors.

Callaway Supersoft

  • Amazon Best Seller
  • High Launch and Low Spin
  • More Control around the Green

Price Check: Dick Sporting Good’s | WorldWideGolf Shops | Amazon | Global Golf

Titleist TruFeel

Another top choice comes from one of the foremost golf brands in the world, the Titleist TruFeel.

Titleist implemented a TruTouch core to go along with the 376 Tetrahedral dimple design and with those two working together it should bring more distance.

They also claim this to have the “softest feel” of any Titleist golf ball thanks to their TruFlex Cover.

This in turn helps you out on those approach shots in and around the green.

With the TruFeel, Titleist lives up to the claim of having the #1 ball in golf.

Titleist TruFeel

  • Thin TruFlex Cover
  • Suitable for Low/Mid Swing Speeds

Price Check: Dick Sporting Good’s | WorldWideGolf Shops | Amazon

Taylormade Noodle Long and Soft

A golf ball that has stood the test of time and still produces is the Taylormade Noodle Long and Soft.

One key aspect to these golf balls are the 342 aerodynamic dimples which helps it slice (not that kind of slice) through the air for more distance.

With an ultra soft core the Noodle Long and Soft you’ll have more control in and around the green.

You’ll also appreciate the price point on these as they are frequently some of the lowest price golf balls on the market. So unless you have a good golf ball retriever, it’ll be alright to lose a few.

Taylormade Noodle Long and Soft

  • Low Price Point
  • Durable and proven performance
  • Straighter Ball Flight

Price Check: WorldWideGolf Shops | Amazon

Wilson Staff Duo Soft

Another mainstay in the world of golf is Wilson and their Duo Soft golf ball.

This is one more excellent selection for any newcomer just starting to hit the links.

Wilson took a new approach to the core of the Duo Soft for enhanced ball speed which improves distance.

Wilson has been in the game of golf for over a century and has been making golf balls since 1954.  So I believe they know a thing or two when it comes to producing quality products for golfers.

These Duo Soft’s come in a variety of colorways and some are logoed to your favorite NFL team.

Wilson Duo Soft

  • Enhanced Ball Speeds
  • Great for beginners
  • Multiple Colorways

Price Check: Dick Sporting Good’s | WorldWideGolf Shops | Amazon | Global Golf

Srixon Soft Feel 

Srixon has recently introduced the 12th generation in their line of Soft Feel golf balls.

The FastLayer core technology used by Srixon in these golf balls is their softest ever.

Little by little the core adjusts from a soft inner core to a hardened outer edge that will yield greater distance.

The proprietary 338 Speed Dimple pattern streamlines ball flight even in some of the harshest wind conditions mother nature can throw at you.

The Soft Feel comes in some of the same color patterns as mentioned before.

Also, for the female golfers looking into a good starter ball.  Look into the 7th Generation of Srixon Soft Feel Lady.

Srixon Soft Feel

  • Great for Beginners and Seniors
  • Great spin control in and around the green
  • Straighter flight in windy conditions

Price Check: Dick Sporting Good’s | WorldWideGolf Shops | Amazon | Global Golf

Bridgestone e12 Contact

The newly released e12 Contact from Bridgestone is another solid choice on your search for a beginner golf ball.

Bridgestone shook things up with their FLEXATIV Cover Technology and Contact Force Dimple.

With their powers combined (someone will get it) they were able to create 46% more surface contact.

This in turn provides more energy to really stretch out those drives.

With greater friction, you’ll have the benefit of greater control in and around the green.

Bridgestone e12 Contact

  • 46% more surface contact
  • More energy for longer drives
  • Maintain control on the green

Price Check: Dick Sporting Good’s | WorldWideGolf Shops | Amazon | Global Golf

Vice Drive

Vice Golf entered into the U.S. golf market back in 2015 and have been making a splash ever since.

The Vice Drive was specifically designed with the beginning golf in mind.

Vice uses a thin DuPont Surlyn cover that is durable and factors in a 312 dimple pattern.

This pattern lessens the Vice Drives resistance to air producing a firm trajectory.

A distinct “Keep In Line” (KIL) line was implemented after cooperation with teaching professionals and amateurs alike for optimal ball alignment.

All of these features along with the Vice Drives low price point make this a great option when choosing a beginner golf ball.

Vice Drive

  • Designed for Beginners
  • Firm Trajectory
  • “Keep In Line” (KIL) for help lining up shots and putts.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball

You may have noticed that all of the recommendations above relate to golf balls that are softer and talk about being able to control them more effectively.

All of these golf balls are designed for the novice golfer in mind.

The lower spin rates that you’ll get from a softer golf ball will help you when it comes to being able to control the ball.

They greatly reduce the odds of you slicing or hooking your shots and are also more merciful than their firmer counterparts.

Most players when they are new to the game in general swing a little slower as they are getting used to the mechanics of their swing.

With a slow swing speed in mind the softer golf ball assists in providing greater distance and a linear ball flight.

And just so you know, hitting a softer ball isn’t just for newcomers; some of the pro’s hit them as well.

Best Golf Balls For Beginners Conclusion

When choosing the golf ball that’s right for you, don’t be afraid to try out a couple of different options until you find the right fit.

But once you’re comfortable with your choice, stick with it and try not to change it until you feel like the time is right to move on to greener pastures and level up.

I had a bad habit for a long time having a random assortment of golf balls to choose from in my bag and could easily notice the inconsistency in my game.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you enjoyed what you read. You can also check out our best drivers for beginners article.

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