Best Night Golf Courses

As the sun sets and the sky starts to turn dark, traditional golf courses start closing their gates for the day.

But for those of us who have the itch and want to play a round, night golf is where it’s at.

There are plenty of options across the country that offer unique experiences to play after hours.

From illuminated fairways to glowing balls, playing golf at night is a entirely unique and fun experience.

Let’s take a look at what night golf is and some of the best places where you can play it.


There are two types of ways to enjoy night golf and it is entirely dependent on the course your playing at and what they offer.

The first being a course set up with stadium lighting. Each hole of these courses is lined with lights to illuminate the course when the sun goes down.

Second, is Glow in the Dark. For these courses, it will not be lit up nearly as bright as one with stadium lighting.

A glow in the dark golf ball is used and typically only major aspects of the course will have some form of lighting. With those being the tee box, greens and your hazard areas.

Advantages of Night Golfing

I don’t know about you but there have been plenty of times when I’ve gotten off work or got done watching a tournament on TV and wanted to head straight to the course. Only to be shut down by the fact that the course was closed or closing soon.

That’s where night golf swoops in and saves the day.

There are many reasons why playing golf at night can be advantageous.

For starters, if you live in an area where just lacing up your golf shoes causes you to sweat profusely the cooler evening temperatures can make for more comfortable conditions.

Secondly, there are often fewer people venturing out to the course at night, so you won’t have to worry about waiting behind slow players or large groups.

And finally, night golf can simply be a more enjoyable and memorable experience overall – it’s a great way to unwind after a long day and appreciate the game of golf in a different setting.

Top Courses for Night Golf

Night Golf, unfortunately, isn’t available everywhere but in certain markets and places around the Country and World you can find some pretty special places to get a round in. Plus, there are quite a few courses that offer night golf in destination cities, so on your next vacation you may be able to schedule some time on the course after a day of doing touristy things.

Let’s take a look and some of the courses that offer a good nighttime golfing experience.

The Legends Walk | Kissimmee, Florida

The only lighted golf course in Central Florida, this 9-hole Par 3 is located in the North Village of Orange Lake Resort.

Designed by the one and only Arnold Palmer, this course was designed for golfers of every skill level and is a great outing for you and the family.

The Legends Walk | Kissimmee, FL

Plus, Kids 12 and under play free with a paying adult. If your not exhausted from all the festivities you and the family endured during the day at Disney, The Legends Walk would be a perfect night cap for the day.

Cloud 9 | Las Vegas, Nevada

You would expect the city that never sleeps to have some options when it comes to night golf and they do at Cloud 9 in Angel Park.

This course was designed after some of the most iconic par 3 holes the game of golf has to offer.

Ever dreamed of knocking it stiff on #17 at TPC Sawgrass? Cloud 9 has a replica hole for you to do just that.

Cloud 9 | Las Vegas, NV

These 9 holes range from 80-130 yards which makes it good experience for newer golfers while testing the skills of the more experienced.

Whether you’ve won it big at the casino or need to unwind from your losses, Cloud 9 offers you a great atmosphere to do just that.

Knights Play Golf Center | Apex, North Carolina

Knights Play Golf Center in Apex, North Carolina is a place not only for experienced golfers but can be fun for the whole family.

Night Golf
Knights Play | Apex, NC

Offering a 60 station lighted driving range and a 2,581 yard par-54 course that is available day or night, Knights Play offers all the amenities of country club with a fully stocked Pro Shop, grill and PGA pro’s if your needing lessons.

Tupelo Bay | Garden City, South Carolina

Located just outside Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Tupelo Bay Golf Center offers an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

From mini golf, disc golf and footgolf (haven’t tried that one before) to an 18 hole executive course and a18 hole par 3.

The par 3 course is lighted for nighttime play and offers typical challenges from sand traps to water hazards.

Highland Greens | Prospect, Connecticut

Located in Prospect, CT, Highland Greens Golf Course is the only one of it’s kind located in Connecticut.

Offering a full-length par 3 that is available for play during the day and is fully lighted for night golf.

Highland Greens | Prospect, CT

Highland greens has been in operation for over 50 years and they provide a well-maintained course while keeping their green fees at a very reasonable price.

Beacon Lakes Golf Club | Dickinson, Texas

Beacon Lakes Golf Club is an 18-hole full length golf course located between Houston and Galveston in Dickinson, TX.

It is one of the only full-length course in the United States which offers night golf and offers the typical amenities you would find at your local course.

Beacon Lakes offers an enjoyable golf experience with a challenging course layout and is good for players of all levels.

Heartwell Golf Course | Long Beach, California

Heartwell Golf Course located in Long Beach, CA offers a fully lighted 18-hole Par 3 course coming in at 2,143 yards.

Heartwell offers ample practice areas from a driving range to chipping and putting greens.

They also have programs for everyone, from juniors to women and men, with individual and group instruction also available.

Heartwell Golf Course | Long Beach, CA

On Friday nights during the summer they also offer Glow Ball events. These typically include dinner and a drink and are one of the popular events held at the course.

An added bonus for those who like a little golf history, back in his younger years Tiger Woods used to hit up this course as he was learning the game.

The Pasture Par 3 | Provo, Utah

The history surrounding the The Pasture course at Timpanogos Golf Club in Provo, UT is something pretty cool.

In the early 20th century, the First Ward Pasture Cattle Company created a 9-hole course on some of their land with lighting provided by the headlights of cars.

The Pasture | Provo, UT

Fast forward to present times, they have created a 9-hole course similar to the original with holes ranging from 80-200 yards.

You could make a day of it by playing 18 on the recently renovated Timpanogos 18 and finish it up by walking The Pasture 9-hole course.


Night golf just isn’t enjoyed in the United States, it is global and you can find options in many different countries when it comes to getting a round in.

As a lot of the Countries abroad that it’s available in have temperatures that sore during the day, therefore night golf makes a whole lot of sense.


Since most of your night golf course’s are in the Par 3 variety, you won’t need to haul your whole bag with you to the course.

It’s best to check out the course that your going to be playing, most that I have found have their scorecards posted on the site, so you should be able to choose the appropriate clubs based on that information alone.

If your planning to visit one of the many courses that offer night golf and you’ll be stopping by on your vacation, be sure to call ahead to see if they offer a rental program for your round.


Night golf can be a fun and a unique way to spend time with your golf buddies or family in a different setting that a normal round of golf.

It offers distinctive differences than playing a round during the daylight and who knows, you might just enjoy it more.

We have just mentioned a few of the courses around the country that offer night golf as an option and there are many more that you can check out not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

Let us know what you think and leave us a review.

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